0CO_PC_ACT_10 不能提取NV类别的数据

今天用 BW 标准数据源 0CO_PC_ACT_10 提取数据时,发现物料有一项数据【没有被分摊】无法取到。


For the virtual cumulative inventory and for the Not Distributed line, there are no records in the database,
which is why the extractor cannot extract them. In transaction CKM3(N), these lines are generated


【没有被分摊】= 【消耗】+ 【期末库存】- 【初始库存】- 【收据】。

In BW, you can calculate these lines as follows as needed:
1. Calculate the cumulative stock line from the ending inventory and the consumptions.
2. Then calculate the Not Distributed line as follows:
Not Distributed = cumulative inventory - goods receipts - beginning inventory.

0CO_PC_ACT_10 不能提取NV类别的数据