Analysis of requirement specification of parking management system

Analysis of requirement specification of parking management system


The parking management system refers to the automatic identification device installed at the entrance and exit of the parking area based on the modern electronic and information technology, and the intelligent management of vehicle access to the area through non-contact card or license plate recognition, access / refusal, guidance, record, charge, release, etc. the purpose is to effectively control the entry and exit of the vehicle and personnel, record all the detailed information and automatically calculate the toll level, and realize the safety management of vehicle and charge on the field. The application of intelligent parking management system in residential quarters, buildings and institutions is becoming more and more popular. And people to the parking lot management requirements are higher and higher, the degree of intelligence is higher and higher, the use of more convenient and fast, also bring convenience and happiness to human life. Not only improve the efficiency of modern human work, but also greatly save the human and material resources, reduce the company's operating costs, and make the entire management system safe and reliable.


·It is having lots of manual work

·It doesn’t have the mail and file upload feature.

·Low utilization ratio

·The SQL service manager is not running

·The system is not sensitive and the equipment is unstable

·Low working efficiency


·Effectively maintaining the order of the parking lot

·Improve the reaction speed of the system

·connect with other car parks through the network

·Install the SQL database correctly and start the SQL service manager

·There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process


The modules involved are:


The owner
Information management
Management of charge



This module contains all information about the administrator. The administrator has with the highest authority; you can query the owner's information and the vehicle's entry and exit records, etc.


This module contains all the information about the customer, and the general user can only have the permission of the vehicle access query and information query.
The owner:
This module contains all information about the user. The user is the average person, they only see the product they want, and see all the information about the product.

Information management:

The system includes: monitoring host, it has unified information management on the parking system of different locations distributed in different parts of the world; Client charges and channel management internal network.

Management of charge:
It includes identification of vehicle personnel, vehicle data management, vehicle entry and exit, position tracking and charge management, etc.  Not only improve the efficiency of modern human work, but also greatly save human and material resources, the cost of the company's operating costs.

Input and output

The main input, output and main functions of the system are as follows.
The basic users only need to enter the destination
Users online booking after sales
Parking lot sales user reservation
An online booking is successful, you can immediately online payment
You can publish on the parking lot sales and service attitude
The basic platform for users will automatically pick out the nearby parking lot, so that users can quickly find parking spaces and parking, brought great convenience to the user's life.

The basic position of the navigation on the parking lot parking lot entrance and parking spaces, so that the user can pay attention to the entrance, in order to stop.

The speaker will choose a best route for users to travel
An online payment
The speaker will learn more convenient parking resources.
Project scope
Professional management of parking lot


Parking lot construction planning, design and construction, design, production and transportation facilities, parking security monitoring agency, community and public places, sales and installation of fire protection facilities, vehicle insurance and car insurance to provide security services, and regional traffic organization plan, large activities traffic service arrangements, large motor vehicle register parking and parking service, club membership, and the parking related extension business.

APP service method
The use of mobile phone APP client software, roadside parking payment mode innovation, the user can complete the parking business application through APP (signed), parking and parking spaces paid search, navigation, information inquiries and other functions, the self-help service model also reduces operating costs.
Portal website is a service platform for vehicle owners. Users can finish parking business application (signing), recharge, payment, information inquiry, parking search, parking location and other functions through website. At the same time, you can learn the latest parking knowledge and information through website.
The hanheld PDA client can run on industrial PDA, and it can also run on smart phones. The inspectors use PDA for law enforcement and forensics, job scheduling, task assignment and other daily work.


Parking position


The developer is responsible for:
The basic development system, meet all customer requirements and solve the system
Sales presentation system and the position of the client after the installation of the acceptance testing of the system successfully.
The speaker will leave the vehicle to enter the vehicle and data processing
The maximum value of vehicle sales and to remind users
The basic positioning of vehicles entering the import vehicle information

Input design

Input design is part of the whole system design. The main objectives in the input design are as follows:
An arrival time out of the parking lot.
The basic car number identification data
The basic stay time billing
Input phase:
The main input level can be listed as follows:
Sales license plate data
In the car sales time
From the time of car sales
Sales and cost data
The sales of large amounts of data
Sales data analysis
System data correction
Input type:
It is necessary to identify various types of input. Input can be divided into the following categories:
An external input, the license plate number, and from the parking lot of time.
An internal input, the cost of data management.
The basic operation of APP, mobile phone, computer management system
An interactive exchange of owners.


Swipe in and out of the function Parking management system to achieve non-round-trip function to control the vehicle strictly abide by the principle of a card a parking space. Valid cards that have entered the parking lot will not be allowed to re-enter using the same card until the vehicle has left the parking lot; and vice versa. That is, non-departing car is not allowed admission, non-admission car is not allowed to play, Charging card admission and temporary card admission card, when the car at the exit exit card, the system according to the time the owner entered, according to Charge rules automatically calculate the amount of charges, and the results displayed in the pop-up window for the booth staff to confirm, you can support a variety of charging methods, cell class. Public class, calculated by time. According to the time interval calculation of fixed card, monthly card, the use of grace time setting - the center of the form of charge management, pay after the fee to the vehicle to provide grace time. Expiration Date Reminder - The controller will not allow the cardholder to enter the parking lot when the card expires. Video Surveillance Function When the vehicle enters or exits the tunnel, the system performs dynamic video surveillance and displays on the charged computer When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system automatically captures photos, photos of the owner, dynamically identifies the license plate number, and uploads the related information to the backstage database. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the system automatically captures the photos and automatically recalls the admission images , License plate number and other related information to check, and the results displayed in the box office computer pop. For the booth staff to confirm, in order to ensure the safety of access vehicles. Record Inquiry Function The parking system will record card information, vehicle information, vehicle entry and exit records, temporary card charging information and administrator's operation information of the system to the database, and report to relevant personnel in the form of reports.


-Real-time record of monthly rent card, temporary card and VIP card access to parking records.

-Real-time record and give various status alarm events. administrator permissions grading.

-Support other authorized workstations to access data (events and images).

-Automatic calculation of parking fee, parking fee base price, unit price and discount period, the discount set by the user.

 -card loss processing, check the card on the loss of the vehicle, registration, photo processing.

- toll workers working class report.

-query, print or browse all kinds of reports (by date, time, events and other conditions)

-flexibility to set the slogan



Fixed Card Holder Driver drives the car to the parking lot next to the card reader, the vehicle image is displayed on the computer; The card reader automatically reads the card; Computer automatically records and recalls the vehicle's admission image;  On duty Gatekeeper raised, the driver drove off; traffic is not completed NNY entrance vehicle detector detects a car to the text, voice prompts, please swipe to take Card "to determine whether the validity of the fixed vehicle Y Automatic card reader automatically send a record of effective information Open Road check smashed car device detects the vehicle passed,Barrier bar automatically closes after appearance Temporary parking passengers Temporary card driver drives the vehicle to the tollgate; The driver passes the ticket to the watch operator; After the attendants read the card, the charge computer automatically charges according to the charging procedure; The charging result Automatic display on the computer screen and charging screen; driver payment, the computer automatically records the payment amount and payment records; attendant to confirm and store the car's appearance image; export control machine receives the gate signal After the card is automatically collected, and gives the gate signal to the barrier; Road bar automatically open, the vehicle played.



Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring credit card, on-site information, on-duty charges, dynamic visual monitoring abnormal card information: invalid card, expired card, unauthorized card abnormal card credit card, the system will record the card number, credit card time The information is displayed on the interface to prompt the on-duty user channel information: channel name, quantity, and running status. Offline automatic online function. Channel settings Channel number, control device, channel name, location, direction of arrival, geofences check, LED address Parking space information: The parking space in the venue changes with the circulation of vehicles. Interface will display the number of parking spaces in the field, the remaining number of parking spaces, handing over: basic information (operator account, succession time, handing over time), charging statistics (presence card, temporary card presence, Charges, charges total) monthly card users have prompt delivery parking parking spaces automatically detected and parking spaces through the full display of dedicated parking lock feature to prevent the sale of special parking spaces are discounted consumer features



 Device communication settings: Card issuer configuration: serial port number, baud rate controller configuration: real-time monitoring, card management, charging rules (cell charging rules, public charging rules), channel area settings, controller settings, dynamic voice settings, discount rules Management, equipment communication, basic data (vehicle type, vehicle color, department, reason for abnormal opening) noun: card type, model, expiration date, transit location, recharge delay, IC card report loss, recovery, replacement, parking Note Card Type: Card, Card, Temporary Card, Management Card, Free Card Type: C. Data Structure User Info UserInfo ID, Name, Sex, Title, Department, Comment, Password, Record Add Time, Add person, modify time, modify vehicle type, color base data BaseInfo number, category serial number, category name, attribute serial number, attribute name InfoId, ClassId, ClassName, PropertyId, PropertyName Channel Info ChannelInfo channel number, channel name, address Dial code), computer number, access  , LED display information card information: CardInfo number, card type, vehicle type, card number, license plate number, vehicle color, cardholder, telephone number, billing period, amount, deadline, parking space, driver's license number, Information InOutInfo number, card number, original license plate number, card type, owner, entry license plate number, admission channel, admission time, playing license plate number, appearance channel, playing time, admission picture path, appearance picture path, Charges, charges, operators, dates







performance requirement:

The non-return function can control the vehicle to strictly observe the principle of one-car parking. An effective card that has entered the parking lot will not be allowed to enter the same card again before the vehicle leaves the parking lot, and vice versa. It is not allowed to enter the entrance, and the non - entry vehicle is not allowed.

Admission charge function of the temporary card take card, credit card and export credit card when playing in the parking lot, the system according to the time the owner to enter, on the basis of charge rule automatic calculation amount, and the results show that in the pop-up box for personnel confirmed that can support a variety of charging ways, plot public class, the cumulative calculation according to the calculation of fixed time interval according to time card, rent card, using grace time setting center charge form management, after pay the fees for vehicles with his grace time validity could remind function when card more than limit, the controller will not allow the cardholder to enter the parking lot.

Video monitoring function, when the vehicle in and out of the access point, the system implements the dynamic video monitoring, and displayed in the charge on a computer, when the vehicles into the parking lot, the system automatically paparazzi photos and, owner, dynamic identification of license plate number, and upload the relevant information to the backend database, the vehicles out of the parking lot, the system automatically snap pictures at the same time, and automatically bring up the admission images, license plate number to check the related information, and the result shows that in the pop-up box computer. To ensure the safety of entering and entering vehicles.

Parking system will record queries card information, vehicle information, vehicle into appearance record, the temporary card fee information, administrator information saved in the database, to the operation of the system in the form of a report type for related staff query.



This system management center by using a microcomputer through the RS - 422 network to monitor the entire parking lot system, management information rent card holder, such as parking situation account holders list statements such as the use of the software is based on the current the latest Microsoft Windows software development, with strong compatibility, friendly interface easy operation in addition, it has a wide area connectivity, for stand-alone systems, the management center can store all the system information in its own database;When the system runs in a LAN manner, the database server can store all the information.

1. Acceptable when card month rides the CARDS and special CARDS, can also deal with missing tickets free ticket.

 2. In all the key position (including mechanical and electrical hardware and software and statements, etc.) are equipped with safety measures, to ensure the safety of the parking lot of revenue.

 3. the site through the RS - 422 industrial standard network management center;

4.Each site is equipped with reliable microcontroller, can ensure even failure management center, they can work independently and modular structure, using standard replaceable electronic components, it is easy to system upgrade and expansion, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Using this system can significantly reduce the operating cost in the parking lot, this system adopts the latest computer feasibility study report 3 parking lots management system and induction IC card technology, can effectively control the monitoring and control operation of the parking lot, flexible configuration, let it Easy to meet the needs of its users.


Analysis of requirement specification of parking management system